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to the Reincarnations Studio, home of fun hand painted furniture and other artistic creations. Each of our artworks is painted by hand, making each a unique work of functional art that can be treasured for years. Here you will find whimsical hand painted furniture and handmade decor items unlike anything offered elsewhere. Feel free to look over our entire catalog. Whether you are looking to decorate your home, or searching for a unique gift, we're sure you'll find something you like!

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Our hand painted furniture pieces feature bold, rich colors, and an attention to detail rarely found anywhere else. Whether it is a design painted on commercially produced unfinished furniture, a work created from one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, or furniture that has been designed and built from the ground up in our studio, our original works of functional art are sure to serve as a focal point in a room for many years of enjoyment. All of our work is created by hand using artisan techniques.

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The navigation bar to the left is a drop-down menu. On the sections of our site containing multiple sub-sections, clicking on our navigation menu will cause the menu to expand to show the different areas contained within each section.
  • ABOUT US - This section contains our mission statement, as well as information about the artists and their art, a list of Gallery Shops that have carried our work, and a list of Juried Shows we have attended.

  • PAINTED FURNITURE - all the painted furniture available for custom hand painting from our studio, seperated by type and theme. Click the navigation link to the left to see all the available furniture types.

  • DECOR ITEMS - Here you will find unique decor items, from funky Wall Clocks to hand crafted Keepsake Boxes, to whimsical Mirrors, to our 3-D Paper Art.

  • MURALS - Information for commissioning mural work from our artists.

  • CUSTOM WORK - Here you will find information on commissioning custom works from our studio. If you have an idea for a piece not found elsewhere on our site, then this section is for you!
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